SEGA/Secret Level needed just under 6 minutes of high-end pre-rendered HD cinematic sequences for the introduction, critical battles and dramatic climax of their game, Golden Axe: Beast Rider. SEGA relied upon Pendulum’s experience and passion for storytelling to create a visually lush and emotionally stirring cinematic experience. With multiple strikingly different environments, a wide array of humanoid and monstrous characters, a huge number of atmospheric, magical and battle-related special effects, as well as highly emotive & talkative heroine who had to be as sexy as she was ferocious, the artists of Pendulum had a blast creating this intense series of character-driven sequences. Pendulum owners, Mike McCormick & Rob Taylor, directed the sequences and the motion-capture for the project. Relying upon their proven pre-render Maya/mental ray/Fusion pipeline and the studio’s unparalleled proprietary facial animation software, AlterEgo, Pendulum offers a vibrant peek into the violent and magical world of Golden Axe.